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Ode To Bacon

My daughter, Josie, is ten years old and in fifth grade.  The last few weeks, they have been studying odes, and one of her assignments was to write an ode of her own.  So here, for your reading pleasure, is her completely unedited, Ode To Bacon.

Ode To Bacon
Josie Murray (Age 10)

O, Bacon,
sizzling in the oven,
you are a taste sensation.
If I had three wishes,
they would all be for you.
When you are cooking,
I can't wait to eat you-
O, Bacon.
I wonder what I would do without you-
O, Bacon.

I will do anything,
to get you.
You have your soggy saltiness,
your sweet smell,
your laughing fun.
We can frolic through the flowers if you stay with me,
beloved Bacon.
You are like a wild monkey in me,
as tasty as chocolate,
as sweet as me.

O, Bacon,
If only you could be here with me,
nobody but me.
You revive my taste buds from hunger.
You are a person who tanned too long,
in the sizzling summer sun.
You can run,
but you can't hide,
from me especially-
O, Bacon.

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Starting Over

I wonder how many blogs on the web have a post called "Starting Over".  Let's face it, there are tons of bloggers on the web, but very few with the discipline to update their content frequently.  And, of course, I am no exception to this rule.

For various reasons, my blog has seen a sligh increase in traffic lately.  So it's a bit embarassing that my latest post was over a year old.  Whoops!  Initially, I thought I would just add a new post and continue as if nothing had happened.  But then I looked at the content of my "old" blog.  Lots of posts about all the weight I was losing (have you seen me lately?) and stuff that just wasn't accurate anymore.

So, once again, I just decided to start over.  I'm not sure what I'll talk about.  I can't guarantee it will be interesting.  Or that I'll be any better about updating in a timely fashion.  But hey, it's the internet.

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