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Starting Over

I wonder how many blogs on the web have a post called "Starting Over".  Let's face it, there are tons of bloggers on the web, but very few with the discipline to update their content frequently.  And, of course, I am no exception to this rule.

For various reasons, my blog has seen a sligh increase in traffic lately.  So it's a bit embarassing that my latest post was over a year old.  Whoops!  Initially, I thought I would just add a new post and continue as if nothing had happened.  But then I looked at the content of my "old" blog.  Lots of posts about all the weight I was losing (have you seen me lately?) and stuff that just wasn't accurate anymore.

So, once again, I just decided to start over.  I'm not sure what I'll talk about.  I can't guarantee it will be interesting.  Or that I'll be any better about updating in a timely fashion.  But hey, it's the internet.

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